Step 1 – Download and read the GSI Independent Contractor Agreement.


Step 2 – Download and fill out the GSI Fiscal Sponsorship Account Application making sure to indicate your agreement to the Independent Contractor Agreement.


Step 3 – Submit your Application to the Director / Representative of your organization for the signature and approval (i.e. your local ministry director, state or area director, or church leader/supervisor). We ask that all applicants be approved by a supervisor who has signed off on their proposed monthly budget and missionary work.

Step 4 - Submit your application to GSI.


Step 5 – Background check and ratification of budget. GSI will provide additional paperwork to request a background check. There is a $35 fee for this service.

Step 6 - Following background check and GSI approval for fiscal sponsorship, GSI will complete your account set up and send you instructions for your next steps for connecting donors to give to your mission.


Step 7 – Let the Networking Begin!

Step 8 - At the beginning of each month, GSI will disburse funds available from the previous month's donations up to your monthly disbursement request.

Step 9 - You must submit an annual ministry report to GSI updating us on your missions activities or provide updates on request to continue your active status. 

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