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What began as an effort to assist those in student ministry and missions with their support raising needs has grown to serve ministries, missionaries, and churches all over the world. As a 501c3, GSI is committed to sharing the gospel and providing support raising solutions & resources for ministers who want to do the same. Let us handle your back office support raising needs so you can focus on your vision and ministry. 


We are your one stop shop for ministry support raising and fundraising needs. Through Fiscal Sponsorship GSI Provides:

  • Donor Management Solutions

  • Donation Processing

  • Online and Paper Giving Systems 

  • Access to our fully integrated web-based donor system

  • Monthly Receipting 

  • Optional Automated 1/2 tithe to Area/District 

  • Disbursement Services 

  • Annual Giving Statements for Donors

  • Annual 1099 Forms for Personal Account Holders

  • Official Process and Record of Housing Allowance for Qualified Ministers

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